Monday, September 25, 2017


Harvey stalls and we got WATER, and lots of it. From my front door looking out across
the street to the neighbors front door was a level plane of dwater.
The depth was three inches in main house and in garage was six inches. My studio, not pictured with water standing, got about nine inches.

We prepared. Having flooded back in 2001 with Allison, we took steps to place everything of value up as high as we could. Some thing were taken to the attic.

We assumed we wouldn't flood too much higher than ankle deep as we did with Allison. Our assumption was based on the upgrades in drainage systems across Houston done by city since that disaster. But who knew? We were just hoping.

Yes. We have flood insurance. No matter. It is still difficult to see your beautiful hard woods glistening  not  from a high shine wax but reflections in the three inches of water that has moved in across the whole house.  We were lucky.

I didn't get photos of much inside as the water came in. The cats were getting scared. They sit outside during rainy days watching the water fall. They don't like thunder but rain usually doesn't bother them. Water on the floor really freaked them out. Lots of loud meows and one even started shaking. I think this is Buster watching the water flow in from the back yard and garage.

We got over 30 inches of rain in four days but our home flooded before we got that much. The water actually came in and sat for a while and when the rain stopped for a bit, the water flowed back out. But the yard still had water ankle deep.
From dining room looking to back yard and studio in back.

My studio held the water well. I waded out and opened the door and water flowed into the backyard until the inside level was the same as the outside level.  But then when the next band of rain came, the flooding returned to house and studio. About an hour passed, the rain slacked or stopped and water receded again. And that was that. The floors dried and cupped. Again, we were lucky. 

Before: Looking inside my studio, you can see all the stacking I did to keep supplies and art high and dry. These photos show just the beginning of my getting everything moved up to a level I thought was safe. Everything on the lower shelves was moved.    

Lower level sheet rock (two feet up) and some of the wood floors have been removed. Same for studio except the wood floor isn't removed yet.

Mark watching over the placing storage container on our driveway. 

Now we are packing to move out for the eventual renovation of the house. The insurance pays for a certain amount of renovation and damaged contents but nothing towards repairing my studio. Luckily, hardly any art or supplies were damaged. It is now a waiting game. Waiting for information from adjuster and contractor. Plus, waiting to figure out where we will stay. We think we will renovate studio first and camp out there while home get it's face lift.  Or maybe not.

Stay tuned for the next installment.