Wednesday, November 7, 2012

See My Work at East Austin Studio Tour

Mostly Small Works Show

East Austin Studio Tour at Pump Project Art Complex

702 Shady Lane, Austin, TX 78702 (Studio L)

Austin Art Connections 

Collusion, Ink and Gouache on Watercolor paper, 16 x 20 frame size
The artists: Sabra Booth (San Antonio), Debbie Buie (Austin), 
Valerie Fowler (Austin), Jean Griffith (Rockdale),  Chrys Grummert (Austin)
Virginia Headley Maserang (Georgetown),  Mike Krone (Austin), 
Gwendolyn Plunkett (Houston), Stacey Smith (Houston), Kim Schaefer (Abilene), 
Brianna Sutton (Mineola) 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Right Down the Line - New Work in Studio

Booked              New Language                    Linear A                   Right Down the Line
The two sets or grids below are all ink drawings on pages from an old French text. I don't read or speak French so my drawings relate only with the pattern of the text on the page. If I did, the drawings would probably be sea faring vessels instead of the abstract drawings they are. The book is about French Maritime Law in the late 19th century.

Working title for this series is New Language but that may change as I move forward. Often, it is near the end of a series that I fully understand what I am pursuing with the imagery.

Booked I and II below are the first twenty four. Plans are to have another two sets.

Booked I, Ink on book pages on panel with oil bar and encaustic medium
Panels are 12 x 9 inches

Booked II,  Ink on book pages on panel with oil bar and encaustic medium
Panels are 12x9inches
The painting below is the first of a 'mini-series within a series' that includes ink drawings on thick handmade paper that I glued to the panel after the drawing was made. Collaged around the edges are parts of book pages from the same book used above. Oil bar in red, orange and black are rubbed into the wax and then wiped away leaving residue. The wax medium is yellow or natural color and changes the white paper to a more natural color.  This piece also makes reference to the artist Gego. 
Linear A-1, Ink on paper on panel with book pages, oil bar and Encaustic
Size 16 x 20 inches 
In the four  paintings below I have used the same linear element as the focal point but each is worked  in a different medium. The one just below this text was the first and you can see it up in  Booked I, bottom row, 2nd painting.

from Booked I, 3rd row, 2nd painting, Ink drawing on book page on panel with encaustic medium and oil bar,
12 x 9 inches
Below in the 2nd version, I adhered book pages from the same book as the Booked Series to the canvas with acrylic gel. Later the pages were stained with walnut ink mixed with the gel. An acrylic black ink was used for the round marks and acrylic paint for the line.  This painting was really made as an experiment. The plans are for larger acrylic/collaged paintings with the book pages gridded across the canvas. You can see two of those larger paintings on my web site.

Giocometti Line, Acrylic, book pages and ink on canvas, 14 x 11 inches,
The lithograph below was done at Burning Bones Press in June and July for our exhibition at Cactus Records July 14. Images were to be poster size-18 x 24 inches, and thematically related to a song lyric. 
My choice was Bonnie Raitt's "Right Down the Line." This is the 4th version and it is after the one above but without text. 

Right Down the Line II,  Lithograph on Rives BFK,  Image size 11.5x15.5 inches, paper size: 24 x 18 inches

The version below is the 3rd version of the "line." It is mostly encaustic and oil bar. The shellac and mica flakes were there in a previous painting. In the reworking, I melted and scraped away most of the shellac and mica but you can still see some of it shining though. 
Right Down the Line I,  Mixed media Encaustic, 16x16 inches on panel

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Currently Showing

In Austin, I have several paintings in the Goldilock Exhibition showing March 3 – 11, 2012 at Lytle Pressley Contemporary, 1214 W. 6th St, Austin, TX 78703.  Big Red and The Shimmering I are two of the four paintings of mine included in this exhibition. This exhibition is a collaborative effort between Julie Ziegelman of Austin Art Connections and Lytle Pressley Contemporary Gallery.

At Lytle Pressley ContemporaryBig Red, Encaustic and oil bar on panel, 48 x 40 inches

At Lytle Pressley Contemporary - The Shimmering I,  24 x 36 inches

Also,  I am very pleased to have my painting Under My Skin/The Dreaming III included the 7th Annual Encaustic Invitational at Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson. This exhibition is up through March.
If you are in the area of either of these galleries, please stop in for a visit. 
At Conrad Wilde Gallery - Under My Skin/The Dreaming III, Encaustic and Oil bar on panel, 16 x 16 inches 

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Dates for Encaustic Workshop at LoneStar

The Encaustic Workshop planned at LoneStar College, CyFair has been rescheduled with a new start date. 
There are still three seats available. Below is the information you need to register. 
On LoneStar's home page, you will log into MYLonestar. To do that you must create a user name and password. When you get to the home page of MyLonestar, scroll down to CE and CE Registration and click there. Should take you the right spot for registration. 

Encaustic Painting
ARTSC*3800059*5002   REG# 17553   2/18/12 – 4/21/12   SA   10AM-2PM    ARTS 116    No class on 3/17 or 4/7.