Monday, November 14, 2011


Ink Paper Wax, my exhibition is on view at the Pearl Fincher MFA through the 20th of this month in the Marilyn Morgan Hillery Community Gallery.  My thanks go to both The Pearl Fincher MFA and Lone Star College for their combined efforts in sponsoring this event once a year and to my fellow faculty members, Suzanne Shield-Polk and Laura Fisher at the CyFair campus of Lone Star for offering this year's exhibition to me.  To Rosemary Hickman, Education Director at the Pearl, a huge thank you for all her work and support from curating the work for the show, the lovely presentation to all the behind-the-scenes work that is required to achieve this seamless presentation.  

Below are some images of my exhibition.

Center of wall looking back into the main gallery,  (center )New Language/Booked,  grid of twelve  ink drawing on book pages with oil bar & encaustic medium on 12 x 9 inch panels.
L. Slow Burn 

Grid of twelve book pages with ink drawings and encaustic medium on panels. 

Far right- Skin Tight, paper, cotton cloth, oil bar with encaustic on panel. 42 x 24 inches.
Center- Paint Your Skin /704B6, Encaustic/oil bar on panel, 30 x 36 inches
Right-New Language/Booked 

L. River of Dreams,  Encaustic/paper and Ink on two panels.

L-R,  Slow Burn, New Language, Paint Your Skin, Skin Tight

L-R, Paint Your Skin and Skin Tight
Little boxes 

Suzanne, Matthew and another guest. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Houston Summer 2011 - In and Around My Studio

I spent a lot of time away from my studio in the early part of the summer. Between family visits and the Encaustic Conference I managed to be away about 6 weeks and only got seriously working in July. 
Considering how hot and dry it got here the rest of the summer, I should have just waited til the heat got too intense and then left.
Before I left Houston in May, I spent a day down in Galveston with artist Marie Laterme at her studio participating in a monoprint workshop she held. I think there were 8 of us there. Her studio  had been  torn up and flooded by Ike and she and her husband had just gotten it back into a condition so that she can work there.
L - Marie Laterme with workshop participants in her studio in Galveston.

It was great fun and everyone was full of creative energy. For me, it was great to get back into a printmaking studio again. I decided to use some of the imagery below (ink drawings on old book pages) along with some earlier ink drawings as possible points of departure for my some of my prints.
I spread them out on the floor in my dining room to get this picture. Various inks were used; Sumi, India, and some Doc Martin colored inks. Tools were twigs, bamboo pens and brushes. 
This one is done with ink pad and stamp.
 Here are images of some of my monoprints. Not wonderful but made me want to get back there and so more.
Mine are the green one on top right and dark blue just underneath it.
My images on right side. Point of departure for these is from an earlier series of ink drawings.

This is the little ink drawing mentioned above.

At home in my studio, I continued with my plan to use the ink drawings on book pages with encaustic medium. Onto white gessoed  9 x 12 inch panels I edged the border corners with black oil bar and let it dry to touch. At this point I could adhere the page to the panel with encaustic medium. I have to say that the fun part was the drawing part with the ink. The rest was mostly rote work. However, I like the finished product and plan to complete the mission with all the drawings.
Wall of twelve. Title for this series hasn't been chosen yet.
Below are individual photos of two of the images.

Here is a wall of my studio with some of my oil paintings, and a new painting in progress with book pages and acrylic. 60 x 48 inches on canvas.
Below is another view with smaller oils along with a few Encaustic pieces.

Last but not least, below is my new shelf for storing encaustic paints thanks to my generous husband and his handy work.
This series of the 12 ink drawings on book pages along with some other Encaustic paintings and Organic Compounds (little boxes) will be exhibited beginning Oct 27 through November at the Pearl Fincher MFA located just north of Houston in Spring. Opening reception is October 27.
The oil paintings in the studio photos will be on exhibit at Buchanan Gallery in Galveston. Opening reception for that is Oct 8.
Tide Pool, Oil on canvas, 20 x 20 inches