Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Work for HIVE Project In Nacogdoches at Cole Art Center

The images below are three of my hexagon pieces that will go in the HIVE exhibition at the Cole Art Center in Nacogdoches in November. The Cole is part of the Stephen F. Austin School of Art.  HIVE is a HoustonWAX project. Artist from both the Houston and Dallas groups will participate.  Included in the project is an exhibition of hexagonal shaped paintings with  encaustic paint being the medium; a panel discussion amongst local bee keepers, environmentalists and artists to be scheduled one evening of the exhibition to discuss among other things, the latest news regarding CCD; and a viewing of Laura Tyler's Sister Bee.   For one, this exhibition/project is designed to heighten community awareness of the importance of the honey bee  to the production of our food sources. Keeping the bees healthy is another issue we want to discuss in light of the recent decline of the honey bee population due to what has been called  Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD. Just this week an  announcement was made about exciting progress being made regarding locating the cause of this disorder. For the past several years there has much speculation regarding the cause of CCD but until now none of the studies had been able to pin point the culprit so this is very good news indeed. 

These hexagons will be displayed as if connected together. Title for
this one  is Swarm I. 

Title: Queen's Chamber
Each hexagon is 16 inches across the longest point. These are all painted with encaustic
paint on luan on 1 1/2 inch cradles. 

Swarm II